About Us

Why a shield (Bouclier)?

First of all for the object itself, which demonstrates the importance we give to the imaginary genres of literature (fantasy, science fiction, epic adventures...). We firmly believe in the power of those stories whose depth, emotions, moral and intellectual challenges go far beyond the story they tell. At Éditions du Bouclier the realistic and imaginary genres of literature are not considered as opposites, they are celebrated together as two indispensable pillars of literature.

Also we chose the shield for its basic function, the one of a defensive weapon. A weapon we intend to use to protect new ideas, concepts and voices even if they cause discomfort. We won't run away from a fight, we prefer to deflect every blow with the power of words.

Finally the shield represents our attachment to our geographic reality. Born in Saguenay, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, Éditions du Bouclier makes it a top priority to promote our local literature and to help it thrive and travel while remaining open to what is done elsewhere in the world, in the purest Canadian tradition of hospitality.


Director :
Janusz Jaworski

Director :
Rachel Gilbert